“I’m interested in people, their lifestyles and the objects that surround them”

“Others have seen what it is and asked why. I have seen what it could be and asked why not”. This is how CREATIVITY was defined by the great Pablo Picasso, and I couldn’t agree more with his “why not?”, because creativity means breaking away from all the established patterns and rules in order to see things in a different light.


As a designer, I feel a great deal of passion, admiration and curiosity for CREATIVITY and all its manifestations.

This interest led me to specialise in social research and in purchasing processes, enriching my career as a designer with training in marketing and social psychology. The former gave me a broader understanding of CREATIVITY as applied to products, consumers, purchasing processes and problem solving; the latter helped me to approach design and marketing from another angle, gaining deeper knowledge of the whys and wherefores of people’s creative processes, behaviours and lifestyles.


Come and delve into this creative universe with me, seeing and feeling it from my perspective as a designer, marketer and psychologist. A perspective that’s unconventional, as is this blog, which sets out to link CREATIVITY with such meaty subjects as innovation, inspiration, entrepreneurship and science.




eVa Gómez Coloma